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From Sabotage to Support: A New Vision for Feminist Solidarity in the Workplace

By Joy L. Wiggins and Kami J. Anderson

Feminists have been fighting for decades against the stereotypes that women are somehow hardwired to backstab, claiming that it is not true and seeking to create unity among women. Unfortunately, as we are learning, there is in fact a type of sabotage that falls along racial lines. Different from the stereotypical personal catfight, these divisions between white women, black women and other women of color are rooted in history and are more pervasive than we realize. It occurs when women of different identities unwittingly sabotage each other. This book teaches readers how to take an active approach to better understand ourselves, the biases we may be holding without realizing it, and lift up other women along the way. By pausing to reflect before acting, it is possible to make a different choice, interrupt our action, and take steps to improve our world rather than perpetuate injustices, knowingly and unknowingly. This new book frames sabotage as both a historical inheritance and contextualizes the current problem, providing practical solutions that women can start using in the workplace right away, regardless of their position.