Changing the world through diversity, inclusion and feminism.

Hi, I'm Joy.

I am a speaker, writer, scholar and facilitator and I promote racial and gender justice through compassion and open dialogue to ignite equitable, empowering and transformative practices.


My Clients

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upcoming events

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Women Liberating Women in the Workplace

October 25, 2018 6pm - October 25, 2018 8pm

Have you ever experienced another woman undermining you at work? Have you had the opposite happen where you have formed amazing relationships with other women at work? Do you ever wonder how women can better come together to make real transformative, sustainable change? Then this workshop is for YOU!!!

Learn what ways women sabotage each other and how they can better support one another in divisive and sometimes toxic workplaces? How can we bolster our collective self-confidence and skills to make amazing strides in both our workplaces and our personal lives?

Join us as we explore what we can do right now to better support women in the workplace! This two hour workshop will give you real life tactics and dig deeply into the ways in which we are socialized to sabotage and...

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thoughtleader. changemaker. catalyst.