My Specialties

I offer a variety of workshops that focus on equitable practices in the workplace such as specific activities, strategies and discussion starters that provide insight into the way we are socially constructed to view the world and the people with which we share space. I provide half day, full day and two day workshops customizable to your organization’s needs.


Seemingly small everyday acts that undercut a person’s sense of self-worth and belonging. We examine how what might seem like a small slight or insult is actually tied to a system of oppression. We learn how to recognize not only the microaggressive acts but the systems and biases that exacerbate them.

Implicit Biases

Implicit bias refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. These biases, which encompass both favorable and unfavorable assessments, are activated involuntarily and without an individual’s awareness or intentional control. These biases are insidious because the perpetrator doesn’t realize they are drawing them from a bank of discrimination and systemic bias.

Race Based Conversations

We practice how to start having real conversations about race and racism. We examine how we can start to chronicle how our lives are affected by the racial history that pervades the division we have today.

Inter/Cross-Cultural Communication

Communication between members of different cultural groups (i.e. white people and people of color, men and women etc.) In my workshops, we look at how we might see a different perspective based on someone else’s experiences. We use storytelling and perspective taking approaches to enhance our empathic listening skills.

Conflict Resolution

Based on mediation and emotional and physiological approaches, we explore how we can suspend our judgements and assumptions about what we think we know and listen to another person’s perspective. Based on the peacebuilding and yoga curriculum I created in Dallas schools, I take the curriculum to other organizations in need.

Racial & Gender Justice

We examine the intersections of how race and gender affect our daily lives.

Workshop Descriptions

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Women in the Workplace

Women in the Workplace: Supporting Each Other for Liberation

Based on Joy’s TedTalk: From Sabotage to Support: Women liberating women in the workplace we discuss how women sabotage each other under a patriarchal system and how to better support each other in the workplace. This is open for all genders as this can be informative for all.

Objectives: In this workshop, we will examine how women have been socialized to second guess, people please and undervalue ourselves to accommodate patriarchal notions of our place in the workplace. We will learn how to identify these sabotaging moves and how we can start to better support each other.

Other workshops along the same lines are:

Women supporting Women in Leadership Through Empowerment and Solidarity

Women undermine each other in subtle and explicit ways across different social identities. Sabotage looks like judgments and assumptions about each other based on society’s impossible standards for women: body image, motherhood, work/life balance, cultural expectations and what good leadership should look like. We can start to take an active approach in better supporting ourselves and other women by understanding how to prevent sabotage from happening in the first place. Preventing sabotage requires that we recognize that it is happening in the first place, and in time to do something about it. Once we learn to recognize in our own actions, it is possible to make a different choice, interrupt our action, and take action to improve our world rather than perpetuate injustices. By learning about our feminist cultural history and the systems that keep us in competition with one another, we begin to unravel the binds and figure out solutions to empower ourselves and each other.

From Sabotage to Support

Understanding Bias

Workshop on Implicit Bias and Microaggressions

This workshop actively engages participants to evaluate the way we are socially constructed and how that plays into our daily experiences with others. This workshop examines not only how we are socially constructed through macro factors like race, class, gender, age, ability etc. but also how we might hinder our working relationships based on these socialized biases through small biased acts called “microaggressions”. The goal of both workshops (Tier 1 and 2) is to not just become more aware of our biases but to directly interrupt them when they are happening. This Tier 1 workshop provides the foundation for the next workshop in the afternoon (Tier 2 workshop on intercultural communication). Each workshop can stand on their own, but is an option for participants to attend both the morning and afternoon if they want to go deeper with these concepts.

Workshop on Interrupting and Engaging in Hard Conversations

This workshop can be used as a stand alone or a Tier 2 springboarding off the first workshop about implicit bias and microaggressions. This workshop provides opportunities for participants to engage in understanding steps and tools for engaging in real- life scenarios to interrupt bias and microaggressions when they come up. This helps participants start to practice and begin to engage in deep, meaningful conversations about power and privilege without blame and shame. We practice listening exercises and patterns of communication that help open up intergroup dialogue and understanding. We aim to think more deeply about the ways we communicate with others and begin to intervene in socially just ways that allows the process of understanding and healing to begin.

From Sabotage to Support


Storytelling to Deconstruct Bias in Ourselves and Others

Stories are a deep part of how meaning is attached to the way we move through the world. Examining our attachment to our stories can be traumatic, healing and ultimately transformative. In this discussion based workshop, participants will create a story map describing parts of their lives where they experienced the most socialization around their social identities of race, class, gender, ability, sexual identity etc. They will then share those stories with a partner to examine how they can shift the meaning of the story.

Objectives: Participants will participate in a storytelling exercise to examine how they have been socialized to believe certain storylines about themselves and others. They will learn more about internalized oppression.

From Sabotage to Support

Understanding Whiteness

Developing a Positive White Identity

Based off the reading, “Developing a Positive White Identity” by the Unitarian Universalist Association, we will examine how white privilege still pervades social justice movements and allyships in subtle and implicit ways. Examining the white progressive lens of power and privilege in a politically divisive climate is paramount in disentangling ourselves from our complicity in white supremacy and privilege.

Objectives: In this discussion based workshop, we will deconstruct one event in popular culture that creates space to moves beyond marches and political activism and better examine our own complicity and biases in those movements.


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