The Forum on Workplace Inclusion: Practice of Interrupting Microaggressions

We (Kami J. Anderson and Joy Wiggins) are presenting two workshops at the prestigious, Forum on Workplace Inclusion conference in Minneapolis, MN. Whether you are a bystander, victim or perpetrator, it can be hard to intervene or even know what to say when you or someone else says something insensitive or discriminatory. These seemingly subtle, …

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WWU Resident’s Hall Advisors Implicit Bias Workshop

The purpose of this professional development presentation is to provide space to cultivate a critical, transformative lens on our daily interactions around race in our families, communities and workplaces. The participants will engage in activities and discussion that promote deep listening when engaging in conversations about race.

WWU Professional Women’s Association Talk

In this workshop, we will examine how women have been socialized to second guess, people please and undervalue ourselves to accommodate patriarchal notions of our place in the workplace. We will learn how to identify these sabotaging moves and how we can start to better support each other.

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