My speaking engagements range from these topics below:

  • Implicit bias
  • Microaggressions
  • Conversations about Race
  • Intercultural and cross cultural communication
  • Women supporting women
  • Feminism
  • White Privilege
  • Social Justice in Education
  • How we are socially constructed and how to deconstruct what I call the “narrative loop” of judgements, assumptions and biases in our daily lives.
  • Personal transformation, compassion, and deep listening are essential skills in making this kind of change happen.

RECENT SPEAKING AND WORKSHOP ENGAGEMENTS: For more specific consulting packages go here

  • TEDxWWU: Women Liberating Women in the Workplace, March 2017
  • WWU Ethnic Student Center keynote speaker with Janis Velasquez-Farmer and Nat Reilly, October 2017
  • Forum on Workplace Inclusion, April 2018
  • Western Washington University Equity and Inclusion Forum series (ongoing)
  • Women’s Professional Network, October 2016
  • Western Libraries, August 2016
  • Burlington Edison School District, August 2016

What folks are saying….

“Joy was a fantastic facilitator and made it a very safe space”- Workshop participant, Feb. 2016

“Dr. Wiggins broke the ice by sharing examples of her personal story”- Workshop participant, Feb. 2016

“I became more engaged than anticipated” -Workshop participant, Feb. 2016

My biggest take-away was, “How much I didn’t know and how I can be more aware”- Workshop participant March 2016

My biggest take-away was, “Micro-aggressions originate from systemic bias”-  Workshop participant November, 2015

I will apply this by “acknowledging that others have a ticker tape of me as well”- Workshop participant, November 2016