Below are the fabulous folks I have the privilege of knowing and working with through a variety of projects like facilitating workshops, collaborating on writing and engaging in rich discussions that support and fuel each other’s work. 



Dr. Kami J. Anderson is an Associate Professor in the department of Digital Writing and Media Arts. Dr. Anderson received her PhD in Intercultural Communication from Howard University in Washington, DC in 2007.  Dr. Anderson’s primary research focuses on the construction of identity with bilingualism and the current state of social identity. She has recently published a chapter, “Multiplying the Others from the Margins: Experiences of a Black, Female, Junior Faculty Member in a Non-STEM Discipline at a STEM Institution” in the edited volume, Still Searching for Our Mother’s Garden (Niles and Gordon, 2011). She is currently completing the book, Look Mamí! El fish es over ya!: Choosing to be a bilingual family for Lexington Press with a scheduled release date of Fall 2015.



Toi is currently is an independent consultant focusing on racial justice issues. Toi has been a social and racial justice activist since in her early teens.  Toi believes social changes cannot be achieved without working towards racial justice.  Currently, Toi is working to abolish the death penalty, judicial and criminal reform and providing mentorship to organizations in the process of going through their anti-racism organizational change.  Toi has created training curriculum, anti-racism strategic & implementation plans, change teams, hiring practices, and special events. Toi is a graduate of University of Illinois.



I am a first-generation American citizen and first-generation college graduate, navigating personal and higher education systems utilizing love, compassion, and survival training from two powerful influences, my Filipino immigrant parents. I teach my eight-year-old son daily lessons of social justice, cheering silently when he uses terms like “racist”, yet challenging him to articulate usable definitions. My husband is a law enforcement officer and although our professional worlds often collide, they also flex, balance, and grow with each critical and courageous conversation, allowing us to evolve and excel in our work and in our home.

As a social justice learner and advocate, my work promotes leadership and equity among students, staff, and faculty in higher education. I work to increase voice and recognition of populations marginalized within a dominant hegemonic system. I have a strong record of successful student advising experience, educational program planning, and curriculum development to advance equity and inclusion in educational systems. I facilitate co-creative student development, staff/team development, and community projects, workshops, and presentations to promote ethical, servant, adaptive, and inclusive leadership in social justice.

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Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell understands the power of being an indigenous leader living in a Westernized world. As a cultural practitioner, she has learned how to walk in both worlds. 

Gerry is the founder and mastermind behind Co3 Consulting. She is a dynamic instructor and facilitator who demonstrates that the best gift we can give ourselves and others is the practice of resilience; our ability to promote positive emotional perceptions and manage our stress-induced reactions.

A certified trainer of the Institute of HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage Program, a graduate from Antioch University’s Masters of Whole Systems Design and currently a Doctoral student in Transformative Studies and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Gerry understands the importance of co-creating change and the dialogue of learning together. She believes that through systemic thinking and daily practice of resilience, we can move towards cultivating an environment of cohesiveness and synchronicity.

To add to her list of credentials, Gerry holds Graduate Certificates in Systems Thinking and Design, Integrated Skills for Sustainable Change, and Permaculture Design.