Women in the Workplace: Supporting Each Other for Liberation

Based on Joy’s TedTalk: From Sabotage to Support: Women liberating women in the workplace, we discuss how women sabotage each other under a patriarchal system and how to better support each other in the workplace. This is open for all genders as this can be informative for all.

Objectives: In this workshop, we will examine how women have been socialized to second guess, people please and undervalue ourselves to accommodate patriarchal notions of our place in the workplace. We will learn how to identify these sabotaging moves and how we can start to better support each other.

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Women supporting Women in Leadership Through Empowerment and Solidarity

Women undermine each other in subtle and explicit ways across different social identities. Sabotage looks like judgments and assumptions about each other based on society’s impossible standards for women: body image, motherhood, work/life balance, cultural expectations and what good leadership should look like. We can start to take an active approach in better supporting ourselves and other women by understanding how to prevent sabotage from happening in the first place. Preventing sabotage requires that we recognize that it is happening in the first place, and in time to do something about it. Once we learn to recognize in our own actions, it is possible to make a different choice, interrupt our action, and take action to improve our world rather than perpetuate injustices. By learning about our feminist cultural history and the systems that keep us in competition with one another, we begin to unravel the binds and figure out solutions to empower ourselves and each other.