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21st CCLC “Unmasking Our Implicit Biases” Workshop

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This workshop actively engages participants to evaluate the way we are socialized and how that plays into our daily experiences with others. Together, we examine not only how our identities are socially constructed through macro factors like race, class, gender, age, ability etc. but also how we might hinder our working relationships based on these socialized biases through small biased acts called “microaggressions”.  The goal of this workshop is to not just become more aware of our biases, but to directly interrupt them when they are happening. The morning session will focus on what is implicit bias and microaggressions through interactive discussions. The afternoon session will focus on how to interrupt these microaggressions by practicing the tips and strategies provided. Participants will be involved in an interactive and engaging discussion of suspending their judgements of others and looking at how their biases prevent engagement with students, faculty, staff and families and communities. They can then reframe and repair these relationships.


The Forum on Workplace Inclusion: Practice of Interrupting Microaggressions

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We (Kami J. Anderson and Joy Wiggins) are presenting two workshops at the prestigious, Forum on Workplace Inclusion conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Whether you are a bystander, victim or perpetrator, it can be hard to intervene or even know what to say when you or someone else says something insensitive or discriminatory. These seemingly subtle, but discriminatory behaviors are called microaggressions and can not only be hard on their morale, but also be detrimental to their emotional and physical health. This workshop provides tools and strategies for engaging in real- life scenarios that interrupt bias and microaggressions when they come up. Using Byron Katie’s model of four questions and Leticia Nieto’s ADDressing model that focuses on Agent (Power) and Target (Non-Power) Ranks, this interactive workshop focuses on self-reflection, deep meaningful conversations and actionable strategies to examine power and privilege without blame or shame. Participants walk away with a specific vision statement or action plan to implement immediately.

WWU Resident’s Hall Advisors Implicit Bias Workshop

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The purpose of this professional development presentation is to provide space to cultivate a critical, transformative lens on our daily interactions around race in our families, communities and workplaces. The participants will engage in activities and discussion that promote deep listening when engaging in conversations about race.